Mask Advice for your Masquerade Ball or Party from those who know..

March 25, 2013

  1. The most important advice for anyone is please please don’t skimp on your mask choice. There are heaps of  cheap and garish plastic masks from China about, but unless you’re wearing a cheap and garish synthetic dress ( and I’m sure you’re not..) it will not do anything for you or your outfit.Remember your mask is the thing that will stand out and be remembered, and a bad mask will overshadow even the most amazing dress – conversely you can wear a simple dress ( even an old favourite) with a fantastic high quality mask, and you’ll look and feel amazing!In all the photos that’ll end up on Facebook, your company Intranet or whatever,  it’ll be your mask that is seen, customers send us photos from their events all the time ( which we love by the way, please don’t stop!) and most of the time they are taken from the shoulders up, you could have a  bin liner on and you’d still look the bees knees..

    These events, whether it’s your Graduation Ball or Prom, someone’s Birthday Party or a Big Charity event, are a special occasion for everyone involved and when it’s a Masquerade Ball, your  Ball Mask really is what it’s all about…

    We are of course biased because we only deal with gorgeous masquerade masks handmade by ourselves, but we have also had stalls at large events where people come in with an ahem.. ” less nice” mask on, see the standard of the masks other people around them are wearing, and come flying over to swap theirs pronto!

    So if you’re after something a bit lovely you’ve come to the right  place .


  2. Colour matching – If there’s one thing we know a lot about in our game, it’s consistently and accurately matching colours on our designs. Every day we get emails asking advice and we say the same every time. We have a fairly good selection of colour options in our shop but wouldn’t even try to cover all the colours out there.So if you’re after a mask to go with say your Peach dress with gold embroidery, then it’s a gazillion times easier to find a really beautiful all gold mask that would work beautifully, rather than trawling the net for the exact shade Peach and Gold mask.

    Having said that, we offer masks in ( of course) Black, Silver and Gold, and also Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Green and Brown so fingers crossed you’ll be spoilt for choice anyway.


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