Samantha Peach Italian Mens Masquerade Mask (Classic Black)

Edition: Classic Black


  • ITALIAN QUALITY - all of our Men's Classic Collection are made for us in a small factory in Milan
  • BRITISH STANDARDS - the rest we do in our studio in the UK, ribboned with handstrung long double faced satin ribbons, sealed the traditional way with a candle flame to prevent fraying - then quality checked and packaged up individually
  • AUTHENTIC and GENUINE - We've collaborated with Universal Films to provide our Classic black design as part of the promo around worldwide premieres
  • ENDORSED BY HOLLYWOOD - Samantha Peach masks featured in GQ,Fifty Shades Darker and Vogue and are the favourite choice for stylists, photographers and those in the know..
  • MODERN DESIGNS - We offer designs that are effortless and classic, with an understated vibe that nails what you want for your event


When Fifty Shades Darker was being filmed in Vancouver, the last item to check off on Ana's costume list was the masquerade mask, and for Costume designer Shay Cunliffe the search for it was "quite a journey."

 The wardrobe department originally created several custom masks for the character, but "they proved to be uncomfortable and overwhelming when worn." 

So, naturally, they turned to Amazon for help. "I started searching online for alternatives, selecting options in laser cut metals, crystals and laces," she said. 

"Then I tried on all the options myself and eliminated those which were not comfortable enough to spend a long day shooting in.

 It was immediately clear that the lace mask we used in the film, which was purchased online from Samantha Peach in the UK via Amazon, worked very well on all counts." After adding Swarowski crystals to it, they bought many more to get them through production.

The mask ended up being the image used in all the promotion for the film , being used on the tie in movie edition of the book, the soundtrack cover and blasted across the screens at the Superbowl when Taylor Swift sang

Universal Films collaborated with Samantha Peach to provide thousands of the mask for the Movie premieres across 50 countries

Samantha Peach was also asked to supply the silver mask for the limited edition Fifty Shades Darker DVD , and a year later was approached again to make the gold and black version for the final Fifty Shades Trilogy Opus boxset 

For true Fifty fans there is only one name that came with them on the whole rollercoaster ride, make sure the mask you buy is the right one

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